• Group Work Re-Imagined

    Presented at the Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference at

    James Madison University October, 2018

  • Abstract

    This interactive session aims to reignite a passion for collaboration by re-imagining applications for existing pedagogical and technological tools that make group work collaborative, educational, and fun. With technological advances and changing dynamics in many professional fields, collaboration is not a fleeting trend, but a 21st-century necessity. Education practitioners must develop collaborative skills in their students to prepare them for success in the job market. Collaborative skills can be taught through group work. However, students often report that they dislike group work, especially in online environments. Factors related to students dislike of group work include a lack of group member engagement, mundane tasks, or flaws in the technology used to facilitate group work. Therefore, re-imagining group work must focus on constructing activities that engage learners in creative interactions through multiple facets of educational technologies. Applying the strategies presented in this session will enable students to overcome obstacles to successful collaborative work experiences with online peers. Through completing a group activity, this session will demonstrate how virtual group work can be both a challenge and an effective tool for collaborative tasks.

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  • Presenters

    and Contributors

    Andrea Smith

    Instructional Designer for Liberty University



    Ben Anderton

    Instructional Technologist for Liberty University



    Sharon Chimere-Dan

    Assistant Instructional Designer for Liberty University


    Laura Payne

    Co-Presenter and Co-Contributor for this Project

    Former Instructional Designer for Liberty University

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